Market Stalls


The market stalls of Poitiers.

There are 6 noun definitions and 4 verb definitions for this one word!

1… A stand where goods are sold at a market. (Market Stall)

2… A compartment for an animal in a stable or cow shed. (Animal stalls)

3… A compartment where a horse is kept at the start of a race. (Race Stalls)

4… A compartment in a set of toilets. (Toilet Stalls)

5… The ground floor seats in a theatre. (Theatre Stalls)

6… A seat in the choir of a church. (Church Stalls)


1… When an engine suddenly stops running. (‘The car stalled’)

2… To stop making progress. (He stalled in his thinking’)

3… To be vague or indecisive so as to gain more time to deal with something. (‘You’re stalling!’)

4… When an aircraft moves too slowly to be controlled effectively. (‘The aircraft stalled at 10,000ft’)


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