The Traditional English Pub

A brief diversion from Poitiers into the heartland of England and English Life!

This is the Watermans Arms in Ashprington in the county of Devon, England.

Devon is located in the far South-West corner of the country. It’s a county of wild countryside, moorland, beautiful coasts, agriculture and tourist destinations.

The Traditional Pub (Public House) tends to be in the coutryside, offers a range of locally made beers or cider (good example of ‘Terroir’!), it usually has a large open fireplace and is a wonderful way to spend a cold, blustery, winter afternoon! It provides warming food to match the weather, stews and pies, however in summer you can often order ‘a Ploughmans Lunch’. This is another wonderful example of the french term ‘terroir’. A huge slab of local cheese (possibly cheddar), locally made bread, local pickle or chutney, salad and locally made cider to drink. Good enough to keep a ‘ploughman’ fortified for an afternoons work!


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