Phrasal Verbs:

These are frequent in english and they make life difficult for those trying to learn!

A PHRASAL VERB is a verb and a preposition put together to create a new meaning.
VERB  ToTurn    To move in a circular motion.

Here’s a short passage using the phrasal verbs relating to TURN!
This town has always been underestimated, for foreign visitors it’s a pleasant surprise. I remember arriving here 8 years ago. We turned up at about midday, the sun was shining, it was truly beautiful. The first surprise however was less pleasant, everything was closed! It turns out, in France, everything closes for lunch!
We asked a gentleman passing by if he knew when the shops would open. He was immaculately dressed in a black blazer, linen trousers with turn-ups.
He gave us the information, businesses would return at 14,00. We asked him if he would consider acting as our guide for an hour but he politely turned us down!
We studied our map again, turned it over and set off to explore.

Turn up….. 1. To arrive ( often without warning) / 2. Flip something upwards. / 3. Increase (usually temperature or volume)

Turn down…. 1. Refuse something / 2. Reduce something (usually temperature or volume).

Turn over….. Change position to other way round.

Turn out…… Number of people attending something.

Turns out…….Conclusion to something or finding out the truth about something.

Turn-ups……..When the bottom of trousers are flipped upwards.


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