Eleanor of Aquitaine

Part III

Imprisonment and Richard the Lionheart.
As with many families, this one was feuding and in disagreement. Eleanor and Henrys young son (also Henry) was in France plotting against his father to seize the English throne. Eleanor was suspected of helping her son so was arrested and imprisoned for treason. She spent the next 16 hears under house-arrest, moving from castle to castle under guard. She was possibly still active though with supporters listening to her advice trying to promote fairplay and a more enlightened world. She was, however, also rumoured to be behind the death of her husbands favourate mistress! Her son Henry died of disease in 1183 and Eleanor was allowed to return to England.
When Henry, her husband, died in 1189 their son Richard succeeded him. He grew up in Poitiers and was perhaps the best of the rather rum Plantagenets! His first act was to free his mother. Eleanor ruled as regent while Richard was away in the Holy Land fighting in the 3rd crusade. Richard returned to England after the Crusade and ruled until he died of a wound sustained whilst hunting. Eleanor survived long enough to see her son John become king. No other king of England has ever been named John, his reputation was just that bad! Bizarre that such a disastrous group of king should be descended from one of the most exceptional women in history.

Feud: (Dispute) A long argument, often within or between families.
Plotting: (Intrigue) Plans to cause trouble.
Treason: (Trahison) Actions against the king or queen.
To be behind something: To be secretly responsible for something.
Mistress: (Amante) A woman who is having an affair with someone elses husband.
Succeed to the throne: Be the next to become king.
Rather rum!: Old fashioned expression for something not very good!
Regent: Acting on behalf of the king.


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