How to make comparisons in English. The Two Cafes!

Mougins Village Cafe
The Rivershack, Stoke Gabriel
Here are two cafes, they both have seating outside, they are both bathed in sunshine, but there the simularites end!

The cafe on the left is my favourate cafe in Mougins Village run by a lovely couple! It is tucked away in a narrow street in the heart of the village. It is bathed in sunshine for half the day then provides welcome shade for the rest. The tables and chairs are ornate and old, the crockery is beautiful and old fashioned. There is an awning providing cover from summer storms or intense heat. Outside the cafe there are products for sale, local food or confectionary. Above the shop is an apartment, the windows have louvred shutters and the entrance is a doorway tucked away behind the tables. The building is tall and narrow, fitting for a hot mediterranean village

The cafe on the right, by comparison, is based in Stoke Gabriel in the County of Devon in the SW of England. It is situated on the edge of a quay, The river is the river Dart which is close to the sea and tidal. This is a cafe situated in the open, it is low and sprawling trying to capitalise on any sunshine rather than providing shade, this is England after all! There is a long veranda providing shelter from showers and wind rather than shade from intense heat! There are also tables and chairs outide, as in the Mougins cafe, however these are rough wooden tables with benches attached, more fitting for a coastal, blowy environment! (They are actually screwed the the floor!) The crockery is more basic but simple, local snacks are also sold along with the best icecream in Devon!


Tucked away: (Cacher) Hidden in a corner, not immediately visible.
Bathed in sunshine: (Etre baigne de soleil) In direct sun.
Ornate: (Orne) Elaborate, detailed.
Awning: (Store) Fabric cover attached to a wall providing shade
Confectionary: (Confiserie) Sweets
Louvred shutters: (Persienne) Shutters with gaps in the wood.
Fitting for…: (Qui convient) Suitable for.

Quay: (Quai) A platform in a harbour, used for tying or unloading boats.
Tidal: (De la maree) Water affected by the tides.
Sprawling: (Tentaculaire) Speads out horizontally.

Capitalise on…..: Make the most of something.
Benches: (Banc) Long seats with no back.
Blowy: (Venteux) Windy, blustery
Screwed: (Visser qqch) Fixed to something else with a screw.
Crockery: (Vaiselle) Cups, saucers, plates and bowls
Snacks: (Gouter) Little things to eat, crisps, cakes etc.


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