How to make Comparisons in English

Visto Lounge, Torquay.
Bistro Cafe, Poitiers

Two Cafes, Two countries!

Both are cafes with outside seating. Both have a single tree in front of the seating area. Both have balconies and apartments (flats) above the cafe.
Both are beautiful places to sit in the sun and watch the world!

To begin with the trees are different, one is a palm tree the other is deciduous, clearly without leaves during winter. The Visto Lounge is a modern building, bright white balconies, smooth lines, polished floors. The flats above have wide windows, shared balconies with glass railings, the walls are of dark polished stone. In comparison, the Bistro is an old, traditional building with natural stone, narrow wrought iron balconies, old weathered shutters, elaborate stonework around the windows and doors. The windows are tall and narrow. There is an awning above the entrance to the Bistro but nothing over the Visto Lounge. The chairs and tables of the Bistro are natural coloured, possibly wicker. The furniture of the Visto Lounge is bright white ornate metal.

Can you see any more?
What is behind the camera?!
Behind the camera at the Visto Lounge? The sea!
Behind the camera at the Bistro? The beautiful Square, Place du Maréchal Philippe Leclerc, Poitiers.


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