Comparisons in English


Torquay seafront (left)
Cannes seafront (right)

Both are scenes of the sea, with railings in the foreground. Both have a coastline in the distance with a town or urban buildings. Both scenes are sunny.

The scenes feel different, these are clearly different parts of the world. The sea in Torquay is rough, the waves are large, there is a strong wind and you can even see the black dots of the heads of surfers in the water. By comparison, the scene in Cannes is calm and tranquil, there is clearly very little breeze, only a gentle ripple in the water rather than waves. The light is also different, in Torquay the sun is out and it could be the middle of the day, by comparison in Cannes the light is hazy, it could be early morning as it has the promise of heat and sunshine to come but it’s not there yet. Looking at the land, the coastline in Torquay is peppered with low, white, individual buildings suggesting a small town or edge of a town, by comparison the coast in Cannes has a line of higher apartment blocks, situated close together suggesting a larger town or central seafront. Looking further into the distance the hills behind Cannes rise almost to the size of mountains, these are not the contours of the south coast of England! These have a more tropical look to them and again suggest somewhere more exotic.

Can you spot any more differences? Which coastline are you drawn to? How does each image make you feel?
Which one would you like to be in?!


Peppered: mixed amongst something, mixed in but still visible.

Contours: The lines on a map showing the height of hills or mountains.


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